Friday, 15 April, 2011

The real Succes of humans lies in non-violence.Humanity,Brotherhood,equalism

Earth,nature,wind,sun do they say something to us.
Everything gives a message of proper peace to us.
Besides humans everything in the universe obeys the nature.
We are the one who never understood the service of nature.
The sacrificing sun never take any rest and does happily his job.
The planet our earth with the never asking attitude bear all our load.
The nature with his beauty keeps telling us to have affectionate perception.
And the large hearted wind's behaviour shows what is the real equilism

But what we humans have done have we ever tried to realise.
we have never come up from our false ego and remain unlearnt.
Over the years we have seen violence in the name of racicism,religion.
Instead of showing courtesy to nature we went for battles for imperialism.
Instead of being kind hearted we have made and promote diferent discriminations.
Inspite of knowing that our creator is one,we never believe in real equalism.
We keep on fighting killing our brothers and sisters in the name of race,religion,community.
Instead of spreaing brotherhood amd affection we faced world wars and remain away from unity.
Still the world is facing the same violence and we say our planet has done a significant progress.
The real success of human being lies in humanity not in boosting of ego,hatredness and stress.

The top countries are still busy in the race of nuclear missions and experiments.
Rather than understanding that this is ridiculous,we humans dont require these.
We cann't be the witness of our past nor of our future but by utilising our present.
We can do justice to the opportunity hidden in every single second given to us.
It is important for the world's important countries that they believe in unity for non-violence.
That they realise that the authority given to them is actually opportunity in real sense.
And that they must be determined to make peaceful atmosphere all over the world.
And that they make undoubtful atmosphere for the rest of countries,promote brotherhood.
Rather than having meetings on nuclear missions,focus should be on humanty
Rather than having any selfish motto,all nations should promote nonvioence unselfishly
We have to work on route rather than just cutting the leaves,therefore let us value peace.
Lets understand and believe that real happiness lies in peace and our goal should be peace.
We can make world free from violence,terrorism by making our thoughts free from them
We can easily spread brotherhood by avoiding hatredness,enimity and inequalism.
Let the innocents dont get killed and threatened and let the planet breathe fearlessly.
Let us determined over spreading educaionimportant of human values and humanity.

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