How to stop Worrying and see positive things and become always positive.

1. Always believe that anger is a sign of weakness and peace is a sign of strength,so never become angry because the most damage it cause to the person who brings it.

2. Seeing negative in any thing is very easy whereas finding positive things even in negative things demands courage and good values.

3. Control your curcumstances instead of getting plucked in it or controlled by them.

4. Never dislike anything anybody any situation because our thoughts decide our attitude and our attitude makes our personality.


5. Its very important to know the value or the importance of our subconscious mind which obeys whatever the message we send to it.Subconscious mind is the potential source for everyone and becomes fresh when we think positive,peaceful and have constructive ideas.If we think negative it will do it in multiple ratio and so it does with the positive ideas.Its our selection which makes what we think.


6. Most of the time we just keep on doing things rather than doing one thing at a time,it can make a lot of difference particularly when we talk about the thinking and execution.I mean i want to highlight this point that when we do anything we must not think anythink else,we loose the concentration and with the same low energy level and will power try to attempt the other issue and againg think for the third or fourth thing or work.

7. Making simple things difficult is not a wise and positive thing, however our intention and thinking should be to make or understand difficult things in their simple form.

8. Many a times we see that whenever we expect mostly we become sad rather than become happy,therefore expect less and try to complete others expectations with you more.

9.Our focus should be not on what we have got from the world but we must understand this that our real achievement is what we have given to the world.If we have given the pleasure,peace to the world and do it happily and instictly,add real grade to our acvhievements.


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