Questions regarding Indian Social issues and problems in terms of answers

1. Are we aware of problems of our society?

2. Do we really know that we must know and give importance to the social issues and problems?

3. Do the government take care of these issues?

4. Is the government and the system seriuos to stop the problems and important issues of India?

5. Is there been any categoristation as per the different problems and issues of india and is it been categorised as per the different class(in terms of earning,standard of living,employment,necesseties) and as per their language,state etc?

6. Is there any system to manage and give time to time report on different issues?

7. Is the government seem eager to educate the society regarding its different issues and keep awaring the society?

8. Is there any need of any governing body to have a control on central government and state government which keep tracing their work and give say after a certain period of time a review report regarding their performance?

9. Do ministers in Lok sabhao and Raajya sabha seem to be interested in taking part of conversations of different issues of the society?

10. Do they know that the yearly salary drawn by them is far less than the loss incurred to the nation by them avoiding important issues and not passing the relevant bill?

11. Has everyone realised that there should be no loop hole in terms of solving the issues particularly Corruption,Inflation,Unity?

12. Should there be any such system which keep a eye on every minister and honest persons should be awarded and they must get more accountability because they not only perform their role honestly but are sincere for the social issues?

13. Do the government know that the education system is also been corrupted ?and its equally important to make sure that educational system must be made transparent i mean it should never be treated as a business and every citizen should get equal and same education and particularly some very important courses must be same for everyone rightthrough the basic education. Education must be kept away for making money out of it?

14. Do the government and persons of ruling and non ruling parties seem to be interested in making a common view over the different issues? i mean instead of blaming each other and putting allegations are we serious about issues of nation and have a clear cut intention and priority to perish the problems?

15. Should there be any minimum achievment target to everyone in the society and a little higher minimum achievement for the officers,ministers and similarly as per the importance of their accountability and authority in terms of the honesty and fulfilling the responsibilities and meaningful contribution towards the

16. Is there be any body or a system to make sure that neutral departments like supreme court and CBI should be kept neutral and must be treated with respect and should be fearless from any party or anyone.I mean they must not feel any pressure on their work? and their must be a law or a system for their freedom.


17. Is the rate of devolopment of country is right? is it going right? if not then what are the measures and plans
     we have for this?

18. Are the policies which are made mainly for farmers and rurals are being implemented correctly? On what basis will it be proved?

19. Are the politician while talking to the people keep the importance of words in their mind i mean on an average what is the ratio of their message in terms of spreading hatredness and peace to the people.?

20. Is there any need of establishing the proper meaning of word 'Politics'? for making up of more good politician should 'politics' should considered as a subject for everyone?

21. Do we think that social and moral values of society are being decreased at an alarming rate and as a result 
     we find more increase in the graph of crime and other social problem as well.

22. Do we realise the establishment of social and moral values in society?

23. What is the ratio of accused persons sent to prison when their crime is proved?

24. Why still so many cases are pending in our courts?

25. Do our courts need more powers and should some more laws be added in our laws in context of these?Is it important for the parliament to have a session or a debate over such issues with required determination and result orientation.