Questions regarding social issues of world.

1. is there any organisation to promote such nations and thinking who never attacked on any country?

2. Is there any global organisation which promote anti nuclearism?


3. Do we see and reward to those nations who never run in the race of nuclear weapons?

4. Do we need a organisation i.e a system which keep giving their review reports timely to every nation i mean whether the world is going in the right direction in terms of the social values,peace.

5. Is some social values is important to be shaped and must be obeyed by every country and every person.

6. Do the global organisations are serious about these things and are determined to establish peace and if it is then why still we see and hear so much violence all over the world?

7. Is the fact that violence can never be the solution to bring peace is being established globally and is the prime policy for every nation?

8. Do the talks focusing on peace,unity,affection among all countries and their men take place timely and is such programes are also being increased at a definite rate and time interval.Are we focus on this issue?

9. How many times nations talk to each other for spreading more peace?