Well the definition and meaning of spiritualism seem to be different for everyone,specially when the term,the word spiritualism comes we can realise different types of approach but on a large basis we will find many feel peace and atleast associate peace,glory,strength to the soul and thinking in their real sense.Spiritualism can be best described by the one who has felt and realised the spiritualism in terms of its any phase whether initial or of any later phase.One can write too much on spiritualism and can write his or her experiences.One thing is sure that having  understood it one can never be upset internally i mean whatsoever the circumstance come to the person one will never through his peace also will never see the situation negative.
Spiritualism is undoubtedly very much connected with the meditation.


Mediatation is also done in various ways and again its meaning might seem to be different as per different outlook But the important thing is that basically it is being done to feel the peace and strength of the soul,through meditation we can know and feel spiritualism.We have seen and heard about many great personalities and saints also who did meditation as per their thinking and succeed in it.One can do meditation while walking and one can do it with a particular procedure depending upon the definition one has set and the type of response or success he or she is getting by doing it.Spiritualism increases with good thoughts and through meditation we can make our thoughts pious.


Spiritualism is a journey which gives a real and endless happiness to us.Spiritualism is not a practice however it is a process of being part of this journey,we have to understand that everyone wants happiness and peace and we have our own way of defining our happiness.Many relate it with money and earthly achievements but we can find that no one till date become happy by such things because we are not made for this.The real pleasure, the real happiness lie in spiritualism,to feel the God,to feel its existence to know this fact that he has created everything,to become thankful to him for the great thing he has done for us.Once we start understanding this and whenever we start feeling joy we should understand that now our journey starts.The more we thankful to him the more we see positive things around us,even we start seeing good things in bad things,our thought process will be start changing,our values become higher and higher because now we are interested in the happiness of our soul which is a part of the God and which gets happiness only by the grace of God,only from the grace of God.


Being spiritual does not demand a lot from anyone,it neither depends on being conditional even to ourselves.
The most important thing to be understood and the most important step in this path is to realise the importance of peace.The second step is to see peace everywhere in every situation and circumstances.
To feel the hidden divinity first we have to understand that we have to be divine and divine in certain perspective.We must accept that everyone is divine as the soul is a element which can never be undivine.
It is always very easy to be angry or misunderstand thing but it requires courage to be optimistic,realistic and become peaceful.We have to understand that everyone in the world is for peace or the peace is the ultimate
path of happiness,yet peace is the real happiness.
Taking a example we can find that most of the time we want a certificate even for our spiritualism and that too not from the God but from the people which is very sad and inappropriate and similarly most people believe in giving certificate also rather than obeying the instructions and teaching given by God.In every religion we will find that the teachings are same still few want to follow that.We have to believe that God is one and we pray to him as per our different religions so we must never forget this.The height of spiritualism is valued by the value we give to others in every context.God will
never become happy if we become rude to others or hurt any person regardless of any religion,country,language.Infact the power of spiritualism increases when we become thankful and kind to others.We must never forget that everything is being created by the god in fact everything is God and we are here not to have pleasure from earthly things but to be thankful to the world and truth,love,affection,peace should be our primary goals.


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