Saturday, 4 June, 2011

Dohas of Saint Kabir ji (संत कबीरदास जी के दोहे ),

Chalti chakki dekh kar, dia Kabira roye
dui paatan ke beech mein,sabit bacha na koye

Looking at the grinding stones, Kabir laments
In the duel of wheels, nothing stays intact.
The grain that is put into wheel gets crushed and the converted flour comes out.  Thus the literal translation given above conveys that.Kabir cries out, however,  is what makes the reader to contemplate on this Doha and realize for oneself the hidden meaning behind this metaphor. Dui Patan here signifies earth (Prithvi) and sky (Akash) and within the ambit of these is all creation and life as also the manifestation of all natural phenomenon of dualities – day and night, life and death, joys and sorrows, thereby making life forever in motion (Chalti Chakki) and an ever changing process. Trapped in this duality, whatever we see is perishable. Nothing that we comprehend is eternal.

 Kabir sahab yahan kah rahe hain ki vyakti apne jeewan ka saar na samajhkar avivek se karm karta rahta hai aur use ye lagta hai ki vo amar hai aur ye sara sansaar sada ke lie hai,parantu jo aaya hai vo jayega isi sidhhaant ko pratipadit karte hue Kabir kahte hain ki hume apne jeewan ko vivek se jeena chahiye aur saarthak karna chahiye,aatmtatva ko samjhke usme isthit hona chahiye.


Bura jo dekhan main chala,bura naa milya koye
Jo munn khoja apnaa, to mujhse bura naa koye

I searched for the crooked, met not a single one
When searched myself, "I" found the crooked one

This doha deals with our perception behavior and tendencies. It has been invariably noticed that we tend to find fault with someone else for our situations and circumstances.   Our "I", the ego, always tries to put blame on others.   Non-awareness of our own self is the cause of this attitude.  Resultantly, we find ourselves being busy in criticizing and condemning others and conveniently term them as crooked or evil.
So Kabir says that instead of finding fault and maligning others, dive deep into your own-self.  Amazingly, an honest introspection will reveal that all fault lies with "me" and "my" own perceptions and attitudes. If there is any evil or crookedness, it is in "me".  Correcting this and opting for a loving and compassionate attitude will change one's perceptions and the world will appear wonderful all over again.

Yahan Kabir sahab kahte hain ki hume apne me avgun dekhna chahiye tabhi sachhe arthon me hum gunwaan banenge,doosron me kamiyan dekhne se hum apna drashtikon ko kharaab karte hain atah sabme achhaiyan dekhni chahiye.