Monday, 25 July, 2011

Dohas of Saint Kabirdas ji


Dukh mein sumiran sab kare,sukh mein kare na koye
jo sukh mein sumiran kare, tau dukh kahe ko hoye


While Suffering everyone Prays and Remembers Him, in joy no one does
If one prays and remembers Him in happiness, why would sorrow come?


The suffering you experience in the world is designed to wake you up. You wake up when you realize God. If you did that during your happy times, then you will not experience suffering.Here Kabir wants to tell us that praying lord with earthly desires is not a good thing,we should be thankful to God in every type of curcumstances.

Kabir man nirmal bhaya, jaise Ganga neer
pache pache Hari phire, kahat Kabir Kabir

Kabir Washed His Mind Clean, Like The Holy Ganges River

Lord follows behind , Saying Kabir, Kabir

Kabir is telling a great thing that the most important thing for human beings is to clean mind i.e process of thinking or thoughts.It can be done only when we are devoted to Lord and then by his grace our thoughts will also become divine.That's what Kabir did and he says that he becomes so pious that even God starts searching him and calling him.

Gur dhobi sikh kapda, saboo sirjan har   
surti sila pur dhoiye, nikse jyoti apaar

Guru is the wash man, Sikh is the cloth , God the soap
Wash the mind thoroughly clean, Out Comes The Glow of Truth

Life is process of cleansing. Kabir wants to tell us that by the grace of Guru and with whole hearted devotion towards God one can achieve enlightenment.

Jeevat samjhe jeevat bujhe, jeevat hee karo aas
jeevat karam ki fansi na kaati, mue mukti ki aas

Alive one sees, alive one knows, find your liberation while alive
If Alive you do not cut the noose of your attachments , how will there be liberation with death?

Here Kabir wants to focus on the importance of liberation and he says that one should not avoid the importance of life.
According to Kabir The pupose of life is to achieve enlightenment or liberation and that can be possible only when we become alert to our evil thoughts and be engaged in cleaning the mind or thoughts.And if we dont realise the importance of our life we will waste our time and hence mislead our life.

Kabira garv na kijiye, kabahu na hasiye koy
Ajhu naav samunder mein, na jaane kya hoy

Dont feel proud, dont mock at anybody.
Your life is like a boat in the sea, who can say what may happen at any time.

This is a great doha of saint Kabir ji and has a very deep meaning inside as it tells the bad effects of our ego.It is foolish to be proud or to laugh at any one.
Here Kabir focuses precisely on those who think that they are more devoted to Lord than anyone else and that they are very spritual.Kabir warns us that with this thinking or attitude we can never become succesful i.e we can never get divinity because the path of devotion towards God is free from any evil thinking or act and ego is one of the biggest obstacle which can block our way.Infact following our wrong ego we can even start moving in wrong or opposite direction.Therefore it is very important to a devotee to be humble and even in inner mind and heart never have feeling of proud.

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