Saturday, 9 July, 2011

Dohas of Sant Kabir ji

विषय वासना उलझकर जन्म गंवाया बात
अब पछतावा क्या करे, निज करणी कर याद

You were entangled in the sensual pleasures. This is how you have wasted your life. You are repenting today. You should remind your past actions.

ज्ञान समागम प्रेम सुख, दया भक्ति बिश्वास
गुरु सेवा ते पाइये, सतगुरु चरण निवास

Knowledge, association with good, love, happiness, mercy, devotion and faith. All this after being in the service at the feet of a good preceptor.

गुरु कुम्भार सीस कुम्भ है, घडी घडी काडे खोट
अन्दर हाथ सवर दे, बाहर मारे चोट

A preceptor is like a potter (earthman) and a disciple is like a pot. A potter hits the pot from outside and provides every support from within.

कबीरा मन पंछी भया, भावे तहा आ जाय
जो जैसी संगत करे, सो तैसा फल पाय

A mind is like a bird. It goes where it likes. The results one gets is for the company he keeps.

कबीरा ज्ञान बिचार बिन, हरी ढूंढन को जाय
तन में त्रिलोकी बसे, अब तक परखा नाय

Kabir says that you are searching God without proper thinking and knowledge. He is there within you. You dont know how to see.

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